Community Benefits Report

Every year, as part of our vital mission, which focuses on patient care, teaching, research and community service, Bridgeport Hospital sponsors, develops and participates in a wide variety of community-based programs and services. During Fiscal Year 2013, Bridgeport Hospital provided $71.9 million in financial and in-kind contributions through the following wide-ranging programs:

Bridgeport Hospital recognizes that some patients may be uninsured, not have adequate health insurance or otherwise lack the resources to pay for health care.

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As a major academic affiliate of the Yale School of Medicine, Bridgeport Hospital provides a significant amount of Health Professions Education on an annual basis.

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During Fiscal Year 2013, Bridgeport Hospital provided $734,000 in community health improvement services, including health education programs, support groups and health fairs.

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During Fiscal Year 2013, Bridgeport Hospital provided $91,000 in financial and in-kind donations to support job training, economic development and other essential services. The hospital considers these investments part of its overall commitment of Building Stronger Neighborhoods. Examples below focus on the areas of Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods and Creating Educational Opportunities.

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In Fiscal Year 2013, Bridgeport Hospital continued to work closely with a number of not-for-profit organizations and supported efforts to create a healthier community through financial and in-kind services totaling nearly $107,400.

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