Medical Staff Adminstration

Ryan O'Connell, MD Chief Medical Officer (interim)
Nabil Atweh, MD Chairman, Surgery
Rockman Ferrigno, MD Chairman, Emergency Medicine
Gregory Buller, MD Chairman, Medicine
Harris Jacobs, MD Chairman, Pediatrics
Charles Morgan, MD Chairman, Psychiatry
Karen Hutchinson, MD Chairman, Medical Education/Research
Harold Sauer, M.D Chairman, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Paul Cohen, MD Chairman, Pathology
Ian Karol, MD Chairman, Radiology
Kenneth Stone, MD Chairman, Anesthesia
Vivian Argento, MD Executive Director of Geriatrics
& Palliative Care
Ryan O’Connell, MD V.P, Performance & Risk Management
Sheikh M. Hoq, MD Director of Hospital Medicine
Director of Hospitalists (Interim)
Deane McCarthy Administrative Director

Medical Staff Officers

Jairo Castillo, MD President
Kenneth Lipow, MD Vice President
Paul Cohen, MD Secretary-Treasurer
Stephen Marshalko, MD Immediate Past President
Mark Bianchi, MD Alternate
Ranjana Patil, MD Alternate

Medical Executive Committee Members

  • Pietro Andres, MD
  • Nabil Atweh, MD
  • John Awad, MD
  • Gregory Buller, MD
  • Harvey Bluestein, MD
  • Rockman Ferrigno, MD
  • Tarun Gupta, MD
  • Andrea Hagani, MD
  • Michael Ivy, MD
  • Harris Jacobs, MD
  • Ian Karol, MD
  • Jeremy Kaufman, MD
  • Julie Laifer, MD
  • Charles J. Morgan, MD
  • Harold Sauer, MD
  • Kenneth Stone, MD
  • Sapna Tandon, DO
  • Tito Vasquez, MD
  • David Witt, MD

Clinical Departments


Kenneth Stone, MD, Chairman
Mihaela Costin, MD, Associate Chairman

Emergency Medicine

Rockman Ferrigno, MD, Chairman
Darcy Harris, MD, Associate Chairman


Gregory Buller, MD, Chairman
Stuart Zarich, MD, Associate Chairman

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Harold Sauer, MD, Chairman
Robert Stiller, MD, Associate Chairman


Paul Cohen, MD, Chairman


Harris Jacobs, MD, Chairman


Charles Morgan, MD, Chairman
Neil Dolan, MD, Associate Chairman


Ian Karol, MD, ChairmanSurgery

Nabil Atweh, MD, Chairman
Walter Cholewczynski, MD, Associate Chairman