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Poster Printing Procedures


Academic posters are printed for Bridgeport Hospital faculty, staff and students by the Reeves Health Sciences Library. The Library only prints posters for academic purposes. Use the approved YNHH poster template to design your poster; posters submitted on other templates will be returned to the author for reformatting. Academic posters must include at least one author who is affiliated with Bridgeport Hospital.  Research presented must have been conducted at Bridgeport Hospital.

Poster Design

  • Contact any member of the library staff for a copy of the pre-formatted Bridgeport Hospital Poster Template. 
  • The poster header background color and font may not be changed and the hospital logo may not be moved, resized or duplicated. Competing logos may not be placed in the header. Posters submitted with changes to the header will be returned to the author.
  • Posters are printed at 24"x36" or 36"x48".   Library staff will not resize your poster.
  • Before submitting your poster to be printed, check to ensure there are no spelling errors and that all graphics and charts display clearly.
  • You may submit your completed poster in either PowerPoint or .pdf format. 


How do I send my poster to the library to be printed?

  • Name your file using the last name of the first author and subject of the poster (example: Smith_Myocardial Infarction.pdf). This will help us identify your poster in our files.
  • Email your poster in one of the two approved formats to any member of the library staff for printing. 

Do's and dont's of poster design

Poster layout and design can be challenging. The following tips should help you create a professional  readable poster.

  • Do use type size that can be read easily at a distance of 4 feet or better. We recommend at least 20-point font for the body of your text at least 30-point or greater for headings.
  • Don't use too small a type size for your poster. This is the single most common error. Never use 10 or 12 point type.
  • Do use highly legible fonts with serifs and a large x-height. For example Times New Roman and Calibri are always good choices.
  • Don't use a font that is difficult to read. Please don't get too creative in your typeface selections. Sans-serif fonts, Helvetica being the most common offender are difficult to read, and certain letters are ambiguous. Equally hard to read are most monospaced fonts such as Courier.
  • Do design your poster as if you were designing the layout for a newspaper or magazine. Strive for consistency, uniformity, and a clean, readable look.
  • Don't vary type sizes and/or typefaces excessively throughout the poster.

All poster printing services are subject to copyright law of the United States. Title 17 (U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies and other reproductions of copyright materials. The person using the equipment is liable for any infringement.