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Geriatric Home Visits

Many older patients who need to see their physician are unable to do so because they cannot leave their homes. For housebound older adults, Bridgeport Hospital’s Geriatric Home Visit Group can bring the care they require right into their home.

The Geriatric Home Visit Group becomes the patient's primary care physician. The services include a comprehensive geriatric assessment and subsequent follow-up visits by a geriatrician or a nurse practitioner. Home visits alternate between the physician and the nurse practitioner. The patient will get to know both healthcare providers.

If hospitalization becomes necessary for Home Visit Group patients, Bridgeport Hospital provides emergency and inpatient care. Our Geriatric Emergency Medicine Service will assure an expedited evaluation. Hospitalists (physicians specializing in the care of patients who are in the hospital) watch over the patients while they are in the hospital, in consultation with geriatric caregivers from the Home Visit Group.

The Home Visit Group accepts patients:

  • Who are 65 and older, AND
  • Whose healthcare insurance (Medicare or private) covers the cost of the program, AND
  • Who are housebound, for physical or mental health reasons, and cannot get to the doctor’s office.

The patient’s medical records must be transferred from the present primary care doctor to the Geriatric Home Visit group.