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Geriatric Support Services

Targeted for Seniors

Bridgeport Hospital provides numerous support services for older adults in addition to the ones listed below. We offer community health screenings and health education lectures (link to events)  on various topics throughout the year.  We also publish a newsletter called Healthy & Wise (link to: publications).  Below are some of the other services available to Seniors in our community


AARP Senior Driving Safety

AARP’s Senior Driver Safety Program is offered monthly at Bridgeport Hospital and is now a one-day course. The fee covers handouts and instructional materials. Classes are taught by trained AARP instructors. Successful completion may entitle seniors to a discount on automobile insurance premiums.

To find the next class and register, please call: 888-357-2396

Audiology (Hearing) Services 

Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers provides comprehensive hearing services, including diagnostic hearing assessments for children and adults. Upon physician referral, Ahlbin Centers also evaluates and treats vestibular disorders (dizziness).

For an appointment, please call:  203-336-7341

Geriatric Assessment Program

This service provides a complete assessment by a geriatrician (a physician specializing in the medical care of the elderly), nurse and social worker to diagnose an older person's need for help. Geriatric assessment involves the patient, family member and/or care giver. Geriatric assessment includes includes a physical examination, medical history and a psychiatric evaluation to diagnose possible depression or other mental health conditions.The Geriatric Assessment Program serves patients in the greater Bridgeport area.

For an appointment, please call 203-384-3388

Geriatric Emergency Medical Service (GEMS)

All Emergency Departments are not the same, which is especially important if you or a loved one is age 65 or older. Only Bridgeport Hospital offers GEMS - our Geriatric Emergency Medical Service.

A dedicated GEMS nurse practitioner oversees Emergency Department care for you or your loved one by:

  • Greeting patients and explaining what type of testing may be done
  • Working with Emergency Department doctors to provide treatment and determine whether patients need to be admitted to the hospital or can return home.
  • Ensuring that patients return to a safe environment, whether at home or another facility,with a plan of care.

GEMS is available seven days a week, 9 am - 7 pm

Geriatric Home Visit Program

Many older patients who need to see their physicians are unable to do so because they are housebound. Bridgeport Hospital's Geriatric Home Visit Program can help them to get the care they need in their homes. The Home Visit Group will become the primary care physician for those who qualify for the Geriatric Home Visit Program. If hospitalization is necessary, Bridgeport Hospital will provide care.

For an appointment, please call: 203-384-3388

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