Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a research study in which participants help doctors find ways to improve care. At Bridgeport Hospital, we are committed to advancing the frontiers of cancer care and providing access to new treatments before they may be widely available. Our active clinical research team carefully selects clinical trials across a wide variety of cancer types, making participating an option for most people living with cancer.

Please review the list of available oncology clinical trials is and ask your provider if participating in a clinical trial may be appropriate for you.

For more information about the trials, please call 203-384-4869.

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

The Norma Pfriem Breast Center  is one of several sites across the nation participating in clinical trials sponsored by the National Adjuvant Breast & Bowel Project (NSABP), a clinical trials cooperative group supported by the National Cancer Institute. NSABP studies have revolutionized how women are treated for breast cancer. They helped establish lumpectomy plus radiation for small tumors as the standard surgical treatment over radical mastectomy. The NSABP also demonstrated that adjuvant therapy could alter the natural history of breast cancer, increasing survival rates, and the preventive effects of the drug tamoxifen.

The Breast Center began a program of clinical studies in 2004. Today, several trials are underway comparing the benefits of different hormonal therapies and chemotherapy regimens, alone and in combination. Other studies will determine whether limiting radiation therapy to the tumor site following lumpectomy is as effective as irradiating the whole breast in early stage breast cancer.  Women travel to the Breast Center to receive treatment and are followed for several years, just as they would be with regular treatment.

Find out more about participating in clinical trials. In addition to benefiting from cutting-edge treatments not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration, women have the satisfaction of knowing they’re advancing breast cancer care for other patients.