We provide patients with comprehensive coordinated care.

The Breast Cancer Tumor Conference

Every patient’s treatment plan is discussed according to The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines by the members of the Breast Cancer Tumor Conference. This multidisciplinary team of breast specialists includes pathologists, surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. The conference meets regularly at to review all newly diagnosed patients and provide coordinated care. Many cases are reviewed several times throughout treatment.

These expert physicians provide a range of advanced healing therapies for patients, including:

  • Radiation therapy: A process that precisely sends high levels of radiation directly to the cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy: The use of anticancer drugs to treat cancerous cells.
  • Hormone therapy: (Tamoxifen, etc.) The use of medications to interfere with the activity or production of hormones.
  • Rehabilitation services, including assessment before and after surgery and treatment of lymphedema (swelling of the arm)
  • Clinical trials: To provide our cancer patients (those who qualify for a particular study) with access to emerging treatments and therapies.
  • Surgical treatments, including lumpectomy (removal of the lump) and mastectomy (removal of the breast).