While You Are Here

Women who deliver their babies in The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital enjoy the benefits of expert clinical care provided by a warm and compassionate staff, in beautiful surroundings.

Nursing Care

In The Birthplace, care is provided by skilled nurses specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, including nurses specially certified by national organizations. Certification, which requires nurses to have at least two years of obstetric nursing experience and to pass a rigorous examination, proves our nurses' knowledge of obstetrical nursing.

All experienced staff and physicians are certified through the National Certification Corporation (NCC) in Electronic Fetal Monitoring.

Labor and Delivery nurses specialize in helping moms give birth. Post partum nurses have experience in caring for moms and babies after delivery.


Anesthesiologists in The Birthplace encourage you to discuss anesthesia options with your obstetrician or an obstetric anesthesiologist, in order to make the choice that is best for you.

The Birthplace has anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choices of anesthesia include:

  • Natural childbirth, in which no anesthesia is used, if that is your wish.
  • General anesthesia (usually reserved for emergency deliveries), in which you remain unconscious through the delivery.
  • Epidural Anesthesia, a type of regional pain relief in which pain-relieving medication is injected into the space around the lower spinal cord. You remain awake, conscious, and pain free, and may even be able to walk. (This is the most effective form of medical pain relief.)
  • Spinal anesthesia, which is similar to an epidural, but its effects are felt much faster. You may feel numb and will need help in moving during the delivery. Spinal anesthetics are mostly used for delivery by cesarean section or when the use of forceps is necessary.
  • Sedation (narcotics or tranquilizers), which can be given as an injection or intravenously. Sedation can help to decrease anxiety, improve relaxation, and reduce the pain of labor but will not eliminate pain.
  • Local anesthesia, an injection of local anesthetic to numb your perineal area (between the vulva and the rectum) in preparation for delivery.

Your Rooms

LDR stands for Labor, Deliver, Recovery. In one of these serene, comfortable, light-filled rooms, you will go through labor, deliver your baby, and rest for a while after the birth. The advantage? No moving from a labor room to a delivery room to a recovery room, right when you want to lay still and bond with your newborn.

When The Birthplace was designed, thought was given, not just to your physical comfort, but to your emotional well-being, too. So your room will feature plenty of peaceful natural light. Soft teal, shell pink, rose, and mauve provide a soothing color scheme. Comfortable, home-like furniture hides sophisticated, high-tech equipment, just in case it's needed. Thoughtful finishing touches include a chair that opens into a bed for dad.

Private Bathroom

With private bathrooms in each LDR room, moms can take a shower whenever they want to, with their physician's approval. Many moms find showers relaxing during labor, and wonderfully refreshing afterwards. Jacuzzis are available in some of the LDR rooms for an extra soothing massage bath!

Postpartum Rooms

Our studies show that when new moms have rested up after the birth, they would prefer to move to a fresh, quiet room. The Postpartum Unit is just a short trip down the hall from Labor & Delivery. (Post = after; partum = delivery.) Here homelike rooms are also pleasantly decorated in soothing colors, with private bathrooms. Our liberal Rooming-In policy helps you and your family bond with your new baby. Keep the baby with you as long as you like. When you need time for yourself, our skilled staff will give your baby tender, loving care in our nursery.

Labor Lounge

As the Birthplace was being designed, many mothers told us they find it helpful to walk up and down the hall during labor. So we created the Labor Lounge, in the center of The Birthplace, where you'll find a comfortable place to take a break while you're walking.

Well Baby Nursery

We have 24 hour a day seven day a week availability of pediatric expertise to help in the care of your newborn. This includes advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants, all specifically trained in newborn care, and neonatologists (specialists in newborn care).

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Visiting Hours

Your visitors will pick up passes at the parking desk in the main lobby.Using passes means that tired new moms (and babies!) don't have too many visitors all at once.

Visiting Hours in The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital:

Labor and Delivery visitation is restricted to support people only, 24 hours a day. In labor rooms, patients are allowed three support people, inclusive of any children. In pre-op, post-op or triage assessment areas, patients are allowed one support person. Identified support people may not switch places. Support people are identifies by the patient during the admission process. Visitation exceptions are made for special circumstances.