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Information for Applicants

Welcome to Bridgeport Hospital!  Information regarding benefits afforded to residents training in our institution are provided below.  Please let us know if you have any questions at all during your visit.

Resident employment agreement

Regardless of the post graduate year status, residents must sign a one-year agreement which outlines the terms of employment at Bridgeport Hospital. This agreement is renewed each year if, in the opinion of the Program Director/designee, the resident has met the requirements of that year of training.  Advancement in the training program is not guaranteed, but must be earned. Applicants may request a copy of the Resident Training Agreement.

Family/medical/personal leave

Residents receive four (4) weeks of vacation each year. Residents also earn sick time at the rate of one day for each calendar month worked.  

Bridgeport Hospital complies with the Family Medical Leave Act (both Federal and State). In summary, residents are entitled to up to 16 weeks of unpaid leave within a 12-month period for the birth or adoption of a child, the serious illness of a child, spouse or parent, or the serious illness of the resident.  

Professional liability insurance

Residents at Bridgeport Hospital are entitled to malpractice insurance coverage, including tail coverage, under the Hospital’s insurance program for services rendered in conjunction with the training program.  This program is consistent with the Hospital’s coverage for other medical practitioners.


Residents are entitled to participate in the following benefit plans or programs offered by the Hospital:

(1) Health insurance coverage; (2) disability coverage; (3) dental coverage; and (4) life insurance coverage.  

Residents are also entitled to no-cost long-term disability insurance, which provides salary continuation up to age 65 for eligible house staff once extended sick leave benefits cease. Residents may continue this policy after leaving Bridgeport Hospital.  

In addition:

  • Residents who author and present an abstract at scientific meetings are supported by the Department of Medical Education up to $1,500 per meeting, in accordance with Bridgeport Hospital GME policy.
  • Residents are provided with an educational allowance, in accordance with Bridgeport Hospital GME policy, which is managed through the Department of Medical Education:  senior residents receive $1,000/year; all other residents receive $700/year.
  • Residents are provided with an on-call meal allowance.
  • Residents are provided with lab coats, zip-up jackets and scrubs.

Visa applications

Bridgeport Hospital sponsors both J-1 and H-1B visas. Residents who require an H-1B visa to work at Bridgeport Hospital/YNHH are responsible for payment of the “expedited processing” fee (currently $2,500) payable to the USCIS. This fee must accompany the visa application in order to assure that employment can begin on or shortly before July 1, 2022. Residents must use the Hospital’s immigration attorney for H-1B visa application.