Why Bridgeport Hospital for Maternity

If you’re pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, choosing the best place to give birth is an important decision. Most pregnancies and births are normal and happy. But for peace of mind, you should be sure to choose the hospital with the most comprehensive and sophisticated services available: Bridgeport Hospital – The Most Preferred Hospital in Fairfield County.

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Amanda’s Story

In the 27 years of its existence, the NBICU has graduated 10,000 babies. The vast majority of these graduates go on to lead active, productive lives. Here is Amanda's story as told in the October 1993 issue of Healthy & Wise, when she was six years old and wanted to be a rock star.

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Olivia’s Story

For the birth of their first child, Kelley and Brian Hayes chose The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital because they had heard that Bridgeport Hospital had the best maternity services and the only Newborn Intensive Care Unit in the area. Kelley didn't expect to need them, but she wanted them available.

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The Triplet’s Story

Thanks to her obstetricians, and the maternal/fetal experts in The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital, this Milford mom gave birth to triplets so big and healthy, they went right into the hospital's well-baby nursery!

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