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After the Baby is Born

Care of Your Newborn Infant in the Women’s Care Center

After recovery, you will be taken to a private room in the Women’s Care Center—our post-partum unit—where you can enjoy your new baby, family and friends in fresh, peaceful surroundings. Birth partner may enjoy staying for the entire time; sleep chairs are available.


Our studies show that when new moms have rested up after the birth, they would prefer to move to a fresh, quiet room. The Postpartum Unit is just a short trip down the hall from Labor & Delivery. (Post = after; partum = delivery.) Here homelike rooms are also pleasantly decorated in soothing colors, with private bathrooms. Our liberal Rooming-In policy helps you and your family bond with your new baby. Keep the baby with you as long as you like. When you need time for yourself, our skilled staff will give your baby tender, loving care in our nursery.

Well Baby Nursery

Our goal is to provide family centered care in a comfortable environment to make your stay with us the best it can possibly be. We want this to be a memorable experience for you. We have 24 hour a day seven day a week availability of pediatric expertise to help in the care of your newborn. This includes advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants, all specifically trained in newborn care, and neonatologists (specialists in newborn care). We are available to communicate any important information to you and your pediatrician at any time. We recognize the benefits to you and your baby when your baby rooms in with you and we encourage this. However, when you feel you need time to rest or sleep, we offer the option of having your baby cared for in our well baby nursery. To help us make your stay with us special, we encourage you to contact us if you have any special requests concerning your baby.


We continue to adjust our visitor policy to reflect optimal patient support balanced with creating a hospital environment that minimizes infection risks.

See our Visitation Guidelines for current visitor information

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all newborns receive hepatitis B vaccine during their nursery stay. Our staff would be happy to provide you with information about this vaccine and to answer any questions you might have about it. We ask that you discuss this vaccine with your pediatrician.

Hearing Screening

All infants have their hearing checked by a hearing screen during their nursery stay. You will be provided with the results of this screening test, and your pediatrician will be given a written report.


Jaundice or yellow color of the skin is caused by a buildup of a chemical in the blood called bilirubin. This occurs very commonly in newborns and typically lasts for a few days. It is usually seen starting at about 24 hours of age and typically is of no consequence. To insure that the bilirubin does not go too high, which can be a problem, your baby will have the level of bilirubin in his or her blood measured at 24 hours of life.

State Screening

By law, all infants in Connecticut are checked for a group of diseases by a screening test done on a blood sample taken from the heel. Some babies require more than one such test. The results of this test will not be available until about 2 weeks after it is done. While abnormalities are rare, if any are detected, the results will be reported to your pediatrician and the hospital. In the unlikely event that occurs, your pediatrician will contact you with information on any subsequent testing and treatments that are necessary.

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