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When it comes to innovative care for the patient with heart disease, the Heart and Vascular Center at Bridgeport Hospital continues to be a leader in providing 21st century care to communities in Fairfield County.

Our dedicated team of nurses, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons delivers personalized care to thousands of people. This has resulted in Bridgeport Hospital, part of Yale New Haven Health, being recognized nationally as a center for leading-edge cardiac care.

A Commitment to Advancing Cardiovascular Care

Bridgeport Hospital has been a leader in cardiovascular care throughout Fairfield County and New England. Among our many achievements, Bridgeport Hospital was the first institution in Connecticut to perform balloon angioplasty; and in Fairfield County to use coronary stents. For treatment of atrial fibrillation, we were the first in New England to perform hybrid ablation, and in Connecticut to perform catheter-based (non-surgical) ablation and mini-maze minimally invasive surgery. Each of these and our other advances mean better care for you, our patient.

An Experienced Cardiac Team

Heart and Vascular Center physicians have the training and experience that inspire confidence. Our staff specializes in cardiovascular medicine, non-invasive diagnostic testing, cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology, catheter procedures, cardiac surgery and the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. In addition to physicians trained at the very best universities and hospitals, our team includes registered nurses, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, technicians and sonographers, all with advanced training in cardiac care.

Physician assistants, care managers, dietitians, physical therapists, perfusionists and other staff round out the care offered. Knowing each patient's personal situation and preferences allows the team to plan out an individualized program of care.


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