House Staff Council

The Bridgeport Hospital House Staff Council (HSC) is a self-governing elected committee that represents the interest and needs of our residents and fellows. We strive to contribute to housestaff wellbeing, improve the learning environment and foster a well-balanced residency/fellowship experience. The HSC provides and open forum of communication and represents a unified voice on institutional committees such as the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).

As a Bridgeport Hospital resident/ fellow you are entitled to:

  • attend at town hall meetings lead by the HSC
  • run for executive HSC positions
  • vote at executive HSC elections
  • serve as a chairperson or a member of any subcommittee of the HSC

Since its inception in 2016, the HSC has organized a number of resident/fellow events such as team building orientations, wellness and mindfulness seminars, in-hospital barbecues, bowling nights, and holiday parties.

What Residents Are Saying

"I loved the team building exercises. Very enjoyable and well organized event. The best event during the whole orientation week!"

"This is the reason I joined this residency."

"It was the best time to get to know each other and let us realize we are here to work as a team."

Executive Council 2017-2018

President Antonio Costantino
Vice President Pranav Sharma
Secretary Kristin Stawiarski
Treasurer Meryl Davis
Medicine Representatives

Francesco Castagna, Letitia Lim

Radiology Representative   Rami Sulaiman
OB/GYN Representative Ainsely McFadgen
Podiatry Representative Chris Obiarinze
Fellow Representative Nikhiel Rau
Advisory Member Jubin Jacob