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87 Bridgeport Hospital physicians among Connecticut Magazine's "top docs"

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Connecticut Magazine has named 87 Bridgeport Hospital physicians among the best in the state in its annual "Top Doctors" issue. The Bridgeport Hospital physicians, who provide a wide range of specialties, were among 825 doctors throughout the state selected from the results of a questionnaire sent to 5,000 Connecticut physicians and then combined with Connecticut Magazine's surveys from 2011-2014.

Robert A. Altbaum, MD, Internal Medicine
Rahul S. Anand, MD, Anesthesiology
Vivan Argento, MD, Geriatric Medicine
John Awad, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Kenneth S. Backman, MD, Allergy Immun.
Philip M. Barasch, MD, Neurology
Danielle Benaviv-Meskin, MD, Endocrin.
Jonathan E. Bernie, MD, Urology
David A. Bindelglass, MD, Orth. Surgery
Emily E. Blair, DO, Obstetrics Gynecology
Dante A. Brittis, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Domenic W. Casablanca, MD, Fam Med
Michael A. Cassetta, MD, Rheumatology
Bradford S. Chervin, MD, Otolaryngology
Robert D. Chessin, MD, Pediatrics
Ronika D. Choudhary, MD, Obs Gyn
Tom K. Coffey, MD, Otolaryngology
Elin Cohen, MD, Pediatrics
Steven M. Cohen, MD, Radiology
Michael Connolly, MD, Family Medicine
Daniel Davis, MD, Podiatry
Robert V. Dawe, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Brian M. DeBroff, MD, Ophthalmology
Jill G. Denowitz, MD, Internal Medicine
Aaron M. Dommu, MD, Nephrology
Mitchell H. Driesman, MD, Cardiology
Irwin Feintzeig, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Alan H. Feldman, MD, Podiatry
Steven M. Feldman, MD, Otolaryngology
Neal A. Fischbach, MD, Onc Hematology
Robert F. Fishman, MD, Cardiology
Mitchell A. Fogel, MD, Nephrology
Robert S. Folman, MD, Onc Hematology
Richard M. Freedman, MD, Pediatrics
Richard J. Garvey, MD, Surgery General
Geoffrey Gladstein, MD, Rheumatology
Philip Greenspan, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Germano Guadagnoli, MD, Rheumatology
William Hunt, MD, Nephrology
Jeffrey N. Kaplan, MD, Ophthalmology
Andrew S. Kenler, MD, Surgery General
Lawrence P. Kirschenbaum, MD, Anesth.
Anya Kishinevsky, MD, Plas Recon. Surgery
Seth P. Lerner, MD, Dermatology
James D. Lettera, Thoracic Oncology
Andrew J. Levada, MD, Ophthalmology
Edwin G. Levine, MD, Gastroenterology
Kenneth I. Lipow, MD, Neurosurgery
Kenneth R. Mauer, MD, Gastroenterology
Jay L. Meizlish, MD, Cardiology
Goran Miljkovic, MD, Infectious Diseases
Lawrence Muldoon, MD, Urology
Michael P. Noonan, MD, Dermatology
Paul Nussbaum, MD, Nephrology
Mark I. Oestreicher, MD, Dermatology
Michael E. Opalak, MD, Neurosurgery
Edward Paraiso, MD, Urology
Jo-Anne Passalacqua, MD, Inf. Diseases
Daniel J. Passeri, MD, Surgery General
Robert J. Patrignelli, MD, Dermatology
Alan M. Reznik, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Glen A. Reznikoff, MD, Hematology Onc
Glenn M. Rich, MD, Endocrinology
Daniel J. Rudolph, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Michael F. Saffir, MD, Physical Medicine
Zane Saul, MD, Infectious Diseases
Adam E. Schussheim, MD, Cardiology
Kanaga Sena, MD, Neurology
Perry A. Shear, MD, Neurosurgery
Philip M. Simkovitz, MD, Pulm. Medicine
Jeffrey D. Small, MD, Urology
Peter A. Small, MD, Ophthalmology
James Spak, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Julie E. Spivack, MD, Gastroenterology
Scott C. Thornton, MD, Surgery Colorectal
Peter C. Tortora, MD, Internal Medicine
Joseph Tortorello, MD, Internal Medicine
Tito Vasquez, MD, Plastic Recon. Surgery
Nicholas Viner, MD, Urology
Daneil Weiland, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Amy Weinrib, MD, Pediatrics
Robert Weinstein, MD, Urology
David H. Witt, MD, Hematology Oncology
Abraham C. Yale, MD, Podiatry
Gary A. Zimmerman, MD, Neurosurgery