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Visiting Hours and Guidelines


Care Partners (Visitors)

As part of the Patient- and Family-Centered Model of Care, we want patients and families to be part of the team. We’re in this together and welcome care partners and families.

Visitation Rights

All care partners (visitors) have the right to enjoy full and equal visitation privileges for emotional support during the course of the patient’s stay. These privileges shall be consistent with patient preferences:

  • To designate a care partner/support person (including, but not limited to, a spouse, domestic partner [including same-sex partner], family member or friend) to speak on your behalf about visitation if you are unable to do so. To withdraw or deny consent at any time.

The hospital reserves the right to limit or restrict visitation if there is a safety, medical or therapeutic concern. The Hospital does not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

Visiting Hours

Bridgeport Hospital

Visitors for inpatients are welcome between the hours of 7:30 am - 8 pm. and will follow hospital policies designed to provide a safe and restful environment for patient care. Special visiting arrangements may be made on a case by case basis. A care partner may be present with patients 24 hours a day, with consideration of care partner guidelines and limitations/restrictions as outlined in this policy.

Bridgeport Hospital Milford Campus 

11 am - 8 pm 

Bridgeport Hospital Milford Campus ICU

24 hours a day (except 7:30 - 8:30 am and 3- 4 pm
No more than two visitors at a time
Children over age 12 only
Other arrangements can be made with physicians/nursing staff 

How to be a Good Visitor

Bridgeport Hospital embraces patient visitors, as YOU are a very important part of a patient's healing process. When you visit a patient, we ask that you please observe the following visitor rules:

  • When visiting patients in the hospital, we ask that you to stop by the main desk in the lobby. Bridgeport Hospital uses a system called Visitor Confirm to check visitors in. There are self-serve computers that can be used to register as a visitor and will provide you a temporary badge to wear during your visit. We ask that you bring the badge back to an attendant at the main lobby desk before leaving the hospital.
  • Personal communication devices (including cell phones) can be used in the main lobby, elevator lobbies on each floor, the cafeteria, SurgEase and Emergency Department waiting rooms, the Marsh and Perry buildings (except MRI) and the Ahlbin Centers/Primary Care Center building at 226 Mill Hill Avenue. Bridgeport Hospital offers free Wi-Fi. Patients and visitors are welcome to and encouraged to use their laptops anywhere in the hospital.
  • Respect the rights of the other patient in a two-bed room. You can help by keeping noise levels low and observing the visiting hour schedule.
  • Please do not smoke outside of hospital facilities.
  • Understand that the hospital reserves the right to restrict visitation at the patient's request or if the hospital determines that a visitor restriction is in the best interests of the patient.
  • Understand that, following federal privacy laws, hospital personnel will always communicate directly with the patient. In circumstances when the patient is unable to make decisions for him/herself, hospital personnel will speak with the patient's next-of-kin or the person who holds durable power of attorney.
  • Latex balloons are not permitted in hospital facilities because of patient and staff allergies. Mylar balloons are allowed.

Handwashing Guidelines

Germs and bacteria exist at home, at work, and in hospitals. All hospitals work hard to prevent you from getting an infection while you are in Bridgeport Hospital or the Bridgeport Hospital Milford Campus. The spread of germs is a possibility in any hospital, and is believed to cause thousands of infections every year.

  • If you have a cold, respiratory symptoms, or other contagious illnesses, we ask you to consider not visiting anyone in the hospital, for the health and safety of our patients.
  • Be particularly aware that visitors under age 12 frequently have colds or other infections, and perhaps should not visit patient care areas.
  • Handwashing can prevent the spread of germs. You may wash your hands in the rest rooms with comfortably hot water and soap. Or you may use the antibacterial hand wash dispensers conveniently located throughout the hospital in patient care areas.

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