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Developmental Follow-Up Program

At Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Bridgeport Campus, our Developmental Follow-Up Program monitors babies at risk of developmental delay and provides families with referrals to specialists when necessary. The team includes a Yale Medicine neonatologist and an LMFT program coordinator both specially trained in early childhood development assessment.

Children born prematurely and full-term babies who have experienced neonatal complications can be at risk of developmental delay and neurological disability. However, early monitoring and intervention will help these infants reach their full potential.

Infants we see:

  • All premature babies with a birth weight less than 3 lbs. 3oz. (1,500 grams) 
  • Babies born at gestational age equal to or less than 32 weeks 
  • Any baby at risk, regardless of birth weight or gestational age

What to expect

After a hospital discharge, parents with babies who are at risk of developmental delay will be contacted by the program coordinator to schedule their child’s first appointment. Parents are encouraged to contact us if their phone number changes.

The first appointment with the program is typically scheduled between 1 and 4 months after discharge.

During the first visit, a detailed interview is conducted with the parents and a complete developmental evaluation is performed on the infant.

The results and feedback, including the strengths and weaknesses of the child, are discussed with the family and recommendations to help improve the child’s development are made. This may include referrals to early intervention programs, pediatric specialty services and community resources, as needed.

A detailed report is shared with the child’s pediatrician and the infant continues to be assessed regularly, usually every 6 months, up until the child turns 3 years old.

Many families find these visits to be helpful, reassuring and informative.

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Developmental Follow-Up Program
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