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O-Arm Surgical Imaging System

The O-Arm®/StealthStation is a state-of-the-art surgical imaging system that provides surgeons with real-time 3D images while procedures are taking place. Bridgeport Hospital surgeons are using the O-Arm Surgical Imaging System during procedures for the head, neck and spine.

During your procedure a non-invasive scanner with an O-shaped arm encircles the operating table and provides 3D images so surgeons can make adjustments at the time of surgery, improving safety and accuracy.

The O-Arm Surgical Imaging System allows Bridgeport Hospital surgeons to

  • View your anatomy in the operative position
  • Monitor the status of the surgery
  • Verify surgical changes before you leave the operating room

Patient benefits include

  • Safer, more accurate placement of instruments for improved surgical outcomes
  • Less time in surgery
  • Reduced risk of repeat surgery
  • Less radiation exposure from imaging

The system can also take images from traditional sources such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds and transform them into 3D images to use with the real-time images taken in the operating room.