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The Bridgeport Hospital Auxiliary is a volunteer organization founded in 1959 to support the hospital's mission of commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care, teaching, research and service to our community. The Auxiliary supports the mission by helping the hospital maintain a position of excellence. Through fundraising events we support special projects and provide gifts to the Bridgeport Hospital community totaling several hundred thousand dollars each year.

Fundraising successes

As the largest single contributor to Bridgeport Hospital, the Auxiliary's financial support to date totals over $4.5 million. These funds have helped purchase medical equipment which allows us to continue to deliver high-quality care and support the hospital.

Results include:

  • Scholarships for Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing students and rehabilitation therapists
  • Pediatric computerized interactive surgical system
  • Cascading water wall in the lobby
  • Renovation of critical care units
  • Emergency Department renovations and expansion
  • Renovation of the Burn Center
  • Surgical intensive care lounge
  • Ambulatory Care Center renovations
  • Maternity equipment
  • Linear accelerator installation
  • Hospital Rehabilitation Unit renovations


The Auxiliary works closely with the hospital to determine how best to support its needs and, through community outreach, offers members opportunities to give back to the community.

Auxiliary members can be as active as they choose. Many serve on committees or volunteer, as their schedules permit. The Auxiliary relies on multitalented women and men to successfully forward its programs. We continually seek new members who bring fresh ideas, helping hands and a warm spirit to our endeavors.

Our activities include:

  • Auxiliary Gift Shop
  • Book Cart
  • Enchanted Castle
  • Annual Wheelchair Meet
  • Special social and community events such as fashion shows, vendor shopping, wine tasting, house tour, card party, dinner theater, celebrity luncheons, family barbecues
  • Dr. Kennedy Toy Closet (To donate, call 203-336-7819 or email.)
Please consider becoming part of this organization of committed individuals.

To join 

Please call us at 203-384-3331. Or visit our Facebook page at Bridgeport Hospital Auxiliary.


1959 – The auxiliary began hosting an annual gala fundraiser.
1965 – Gala proceeds funded the hospital's new maternity ward.
1968 – Gala proceeds funded new coronary care and intensive care units.
1974 – Gala proceeds funded the Hubbard tank for treating patients at the newly opened Burn Unit.
1979 – Emergency Department completed a $3.3 million addition with funds from several years of gala events.
1980 – $350,000 pledge helped fund Radiology Department equipment and renovations.
1983 – One-day surgery center became the focus of fundraising for the next three years.
1995 – A $1 million pledge was made for a Critical Care Unit.
2009-2011 – Pledges focused on Emergency Department renovations, including pediatric, trauma and acute care areas.
2012 – Water wall donated by the Auxiliary for the hospital's main lobby was installed.
2014 – Hospital Auxiliary merged with the Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers Auxiliary.
2015 – $450,000 pledge was made for a waiting room at the Outpatient Surgery Center in the Park Avenue Medical Center, Trumbull. The center opened May 5, 2016.
2016 – $40,000 was raised for the "NIC View," an advanced monitoring system that streams videos of newborns to their families' home computer or hand-held device 24/7.