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Healthy & Wise - 2023 | Issue 4

Striking Down Stroke When Seconds Count

When it comes to stroke, seconds count. Bridgeport Hospital’s Stroke Center, which is at the forefront of stroke care, combines medical expertise with advanced technology, including the hospital’s new biplane neuro-angiography imaging system. Neurosurgeon Farhad Bahrassa, MD, says the new biplane offers the most sophisticated views of all stroke types, brain aneurysms and other conditions.
Learn about services at Bridgeport Hospital’s Stroke Center
Neurosurgeon Farhad Bahrassa, MD

Don’t Let Asthma Take Your Breath Away

People may sometimes mistake asthma for a viral infection, bronchitis or even a summer cold. But it takes more than throat lozenges and chicken noodle soup to ease the coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath associated with asthma, a chronic lung disease that affects the airways and makes breathing difficult. It requires lifelong, expert care – the kind delivered by pulmonary medicine specialists, like Nasheena Jiwa, MD, a Northeast Medical Group pulmonary and critical care physician at Bridgeport Hospital.
Learn more about asthma and five tips to live by
Nasheena Jiwa, MD