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Healthy & Wise - December 2022

Colorectal cancer: What you need to know

From hemorrhoids and diverticulitis to inflammatory bowel disease, a colorectal surgeon treats a wide range of disorders affecting the colon and rectum. While not all conditions are cancerous, colorectal cancer is a different story. At Bridgeport Hospital and the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Trumbull, colorectal surgeons treat all of these medical issues and perform hundreds of surgeries each year.

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Bridgeport Hospital Amit Khanna, MD, performs surgery on a patient with colorectal cancer

No bellyaching over hernia repair

So, you spent the weekend moving and lifting heavy boxes, and now your abdomen hurts. Could that pain in your belly or groin be a sign of a hernia? It could be. Hernias are quite common and getting them checked out by a medical professional is the best way to know for sure.

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Jennifer Schwartz, MD, a Yale Medicine surgeon