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Healthy & Wise - January 2023

Get Hip With Total Joint Replacement

It frequently starts with pain in the hip or groin. Many complain of stiffness when bending over to put on their socks or they find themselves limping while walking. Over time, a diseased or damaged hip joint can lead to ongoing pain that interferes with sleep and daily activities. Find out how orthopedic surgeons at the Bridgeport Hospital Milford Campus can help.
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Joel Malin, MD

No Tiptoeing Around Peripheral Artery Disease

If a tightness in your legs is literally cramping your style and your ability to walk short distances without stopping to rest, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from peripheral artery disease (also known as peripheral arterial disease or PAD) and recognizing the condition early is a critical first step in slowing its progression. Learn more about treatment options available at Bridgeport Hospital.
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cardiologist Edward Tuohy, MD