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Preparing for Childbirth

Being prepared for labor and childbirth is important. Here are a few things you may want to do before the big day arrives.

Understand Your Birth Preferences

Making sure that others understand your preferences and beliefs about childbirth is important. In addition to expressing your feelings to your health provider and partner ahead of time, it is a good idea to have a written birth plan on hand so everyone involved in your labor knows exactly what you want. Some things to consider and communicate are: 
  • How you feel about using pain medication 
  • How your baby should be handled immediately after birth 
  • Who is allowed in the room while you're in labor 

Create a Contact List 

Once your baby arrives, you'll want to spread the news. Jot down the names and numbers of people you want to notify and give it to your partner a week or two before your due date. That way, he or she can make the calls while you rest and spend time bonding with your baby.

Pack Your Bags 

If you wait until you feel the first contraction to pack your bags, you're bound to forget a few things in the excitement. Have everything you'll need ready to go several weeks ahead of time-just in case your baby decides to make an early appearance.

Virtual Tour and Parenting Classes

The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital offers an array of programs, classes and a virtual tour to help you prepare for life's most wonderful moments. Registration for all classes is required. For more information visit Childbirth and Parenting Classes or call 1-888-357-2396. 

Complete Birth Certificate and Other Paperwork

We advise filling out the below list of forms as best you can and bringing them with you on the day you deliver. You may also want to read about or register for CHET Baby Scholars. This will help speed up the process at the hospital so you can enjoy more time with your baby.

  • Mother’s Worksheet for Child Birth Certificate

Blood Management

Any expectant individual who has concerns about receiving blood transfusions should notify her physician. It is possible to arrange, in advance, for other methods to ensure the well-being of mother and child should blood loss become a consideration. Ours is the only such program in Fairfield County with a full-time coordinator who will make all the needed arrangements for you. For information, please call the coordinator of Blood Management Services, David Gonzalez, (203) 384-3848.