Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Yale New Haven Children's Hospital has campuses in New Haven and Bridgeport, providing families with access to neonatology services from one of the country's best hospitals. Regardless of which campus you visit, your child will receive exceptional care from our expert neonatologists. From advanced technology in monitoring and responding to an infant's needs to our highly skilled specialists, The Allison Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Bridgeport campus promotes high-quality, family-centered care. It also means families will have the best experience and know they gave their baby the best possible opportunity at a healthy, happy life. 


  • Daily rounding means families meet with their care team every day to ask questions and discuss their baby's condition and progress.
  • Soft lighting and noise reduction measures create a soothing environment conducive to healing and newborn developmental growth.
  • Private and semi-private rooms offer families privacy and comfort.
  • Larger rooms accommodate multiple births for rooming together.
  • Medication and formula preparation room enhance safety and quality measures.
  • Central nurses' station allow for easier and closer monitoring of newborns. 

Amenities for our NICU Families

  • Family Resource Room provides a homelike environment for families to relax, get coffee and have a snack. Also available are cell phone charging docks and a TV.
  • Parking is free in the Kaulbach Parking Garage. Ask your NICU nurse for a pass.
  • William's Book Nook invites families to chose a book to keep and read to their baby. 


Support services such as social work, patient relations and interpreter services are available. For assistance or more information families should speak with someone from their care team. 

Allison Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Allison Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Care enhancements for Bridgeport Hospital’s youngest patients

Amanda’s Story

In the 27 years of its existence, the NBICU has graduated 10,000 babies. The vast majority of these graduates go on to lead active, productive lives. Here is Amanda's story as told in the October 1993 issue of Healthy & Wise, when she was six years old and wanted to be a rock star.