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The Antenatal Testing Unit 

The Antenatal Testing Unit at Bridgeport Hospital and the section of Maternal-Fetal Medicine provide specialized services for both normal and high-risk pregnancies. At Bridgeport Hospital, a close relationship has developed between the doctors in the community and our specialists to provide the best possible care in complicated pregnancies.

Services Offered

Our services include basic and targeted ultrasound, prenatal diagnosis, genetic counseling, preconceptual and perinatal consultation, fetal monitoring, diabetic education and management, prematurity prevention, and nutritional counseling for normal and complicated pregnancies.


This service includes three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) ultrasounds.

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Prenatal Diagnosis

Over 600 amniocenteses and blood screenings are performed each year in the Antenatal Testing Unit.

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Fetal Monitoring

Non-Stress Testing involves using a fetal monitor to listen to the fetus's heart rate and measure uterine contractions.

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Consultation Services

Genetic counseling involves meeting with a specialist in genetic counseling or prenatal diagnostician to review the medical and family history of you and your partner.

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Diabetic Education

Diabetes in Pregnancy affects 1/20 to 1/30 pregnancies. Diabetes causes high levels of sugar to circulate in the mother's blood.

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Prematurity Prevention

Premature Birth (fetal age < 37 weeks at delivery) is a major cause of newborn injury. 

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National Accreditation of the ATU

American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Certification (AIUM): Our unit has been certified to perform Obstetrical Ultrasound since 1997. AIUM certification is a rigorous voluntary process which demonstrates our commitment to performing the highest level of service along with maintaining high credentials. Physicians, ultrasound equipment, ultrasound and support staff, and quality assurance standards are reviewed. Ultrasound accreditation proves commitment to the highest quality patient care, demonstrates clinical excellence, and provides credibility to peers.

The Diabetes in Pregnancy program was certified by the American Diabetes Association in 1999.