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Ostomy Services & Treatment

At Bridgeport Hospital, our board-certified ostomy nurse specialists aim to ensure that a person with an ostomy is supported and living their highest quality of life. Our team wants you to feel secure and confident in managing your ostomy. We have expertise in ostomy and skin care, supply management, psychosocial adjustments, and treating any new problems to promote self-sufficiency in ostomy care.

Our team provides ostomy care to those with either temporary or permanent fecal or urinary ostomies. We see patients before surgery, while in the hospital and after discharge from the hospital. This may be you alone or with your significant other as you desire. 

Our services include:

  • Before surgery: Teaching and counseling with an introduction to basic ostomy care and ostomy site marking
  • After surgery: Management and education, dietary and fluid counseling
  • After hospitalization: Outpatient follow-up help with managing your ostomy and to address any pouching and skin issues
  • Ostomy supply prescriptions
  • Troubleshooting pouching and skin issues

When to make an appointment

  • One week before your scheduled ostomy surgery
  • Two weeks after discharge from hospital
  • Changes in ostomy color, size or surface appearance
  • Changes in skin shape around the ostomy including skin bulging, folding or creasing that interfere with pouch seal
  • Difficulty with pouch seal
  • Help managing diet and hydration
  • Pain around the ostomy site
  • Weight gain or loss with pouch leakage


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ostomy support

Ostomy support

Do you have an ostomy or are considering ostomy surgery? Join our monthly support group to share and learn more about your ostomy from those living with one.