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Why Patients Should Care About Quality

Bridgeport Hospital recognizes how important it is for you to have the information you need to make the best possible healthcare decisions. You may not always have the opportunity to choose the hospital from which you receive care, especially in an emergency. However, when you or a loved one has a planned admission to the hospital, obtaining some important information first can help make your hospital experience a positive one.

Selecting quality healthcare services for yourself, a relative or friend requires special thought and attention.

There is much information available that can help you decide where to seek care. You may want to look at Patient Satisfaction Measures. These rate healthcare providers from the patient's point of view. Clinical Performance Measures look at how well a healthcare organization prevents and treats illness. Accreditation status will tell you who has earned a quality and performance "seal of approval” from a third-party examining body. To earn accreditation, organizations must meet national standards, which often include clinical performance measures. Organizations choose whether to participate in accreditation programs.

As a healthcare consumer, paying attention to quality measures and other factors will help you make the best decisions regarding where to go for medical services. The information provided on these pages offers a look at how well Bridgeport Hospital meets or exceeds these criteria.

Have a question about Quality Reporting?

Please submit your questions or comments to [email protected]. Bridgeport Hospital respects your privacy. All information received will be used for internal purposes only.