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Child Life Services at SurgEase

This page is intended to help you and your child know what to expect on the day or their procedure at SurgEase. Children often have fears about unfamiliar experiences. Explaining what they may encounter in the medical environment using language that children can easily understand may help ease their fears.

Your child’s age, development and past experiences shape their understanding of and responses to the world around them. Our SurgEase Child Life specialist can increase their comfort during their perioperative experience. A Child Life specialist holds a national certification and an advanced degree focusing on child development and the impact of the hospital environment on children and families.

Child Life specialists will engage children in therapeutic medical play to increase their understanding of the sights and sounds they may experience during their visit to SurgEase. Research has shown that when children are prepared for upcoming procedures, they have less preoperative anxiety and better outcomes after surgery.

When a child arrives at SurgEase, our certified Child Life specialist will meet with your child and can assist by:

  • Talking with the child about his or her procedure using developmentally appropriate language
  • Answering any questions and addressing fears the child may have about the procedure
  • Supporting families throughout the child's procedure
  • Adjusting pre-operative child life programming to meet the needs of patients with special needs
  • Arranging pre-operative tours

For more information about Child Life specialist services at SurgEase, please call 203-339-6417.