Child Life Services at SurgEase

No matter the child’s age, arriving at the hospital for surgery can be scary—especially if he or she is unsure of what to expect. A Child Life Specialist can ease these fears by preparing children and families for what will happen before, during and after surgery. Research has shown that when children are prepared for upcoming procedures, they have less preoperative anxiety and better outcomes after surgery.

When a child arrives at SurgEase, our Certified Child Life Specialist will guide him or her through the upcoming surgery by:

  • Talking with the child about his or her procedure, the overall anesthesia and the hospital experience, using age-appropriate language
  • Answering any questions the child may have about the procedure
  • Supporting parents or caregivers throughout the child's procedure
  • Tours are also available to children and families prior to surgery to explain and answer any questions about the upcoming experience and anesthesia as well as to make arrangements for children with special needs.

Samantha Regina, Bridgeport Hospital’s Child Life Specialist, is an expert in child development with a national certification from the Child Life Council. Samantha sees all children and their families who arrive at SurgEase.

For more information about Child Life Specialist Services at SurgEase, please call (203) 339-6417.