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Internal Medicine, Categorical

A Message from the Program Director

Bridgeport Hospital, an integral part of the Yale New Haven Health system, has been training internists for more than 50 years. This is an institution with strong ties to Yale University School of Medicine and a demonstrated commitment to training humane and skilled physicians in more than 10 specialties and subspecialties. In the Department of Medicine, we have a large and very talented faculty whose credo is to help you make the most of your potential – and they are committed to help you meet this goal.

Resident trainees in Internal Medicine can expect to join a highly talented group of peers, many with advanced degrees and published scholarship. Three years of training at Bridgeport Hospital will, through a broad array of didactic and patient-care experiences, prepare you well for a career in Internal Medicine or for subspecialty fellowships. Most residents continue scholarly activities to complement their clinical training. As a former graduate of the program, I have always felt that the collegial spirit that permeates the program and the hospital is our strongest asset.

The measure by which we grade ourselves will primarily be the quality of our product. Over the past few years, almost 100% of our graduates who sat for their Boards passed on the first attempt. Recent graduates have been accepted to fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Yale University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Pennsylvania, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute at the University of Washington, the NIH and the National Cancer Institute. It is most satisfying however to help mold ethical and compassionate physicians, competent in internal medicine and skilled in communication whether they be academicians or clinicians, specialists or in primary care who can serve their patients in the true spirit of our profession.

I invite you to visit our program and judge for yourself whether this is the right match for you.

Armand Wolff, MD
Interim Program Director – Internal Medicine Residency
Bridgeport Hospital – Yale New Haven Health
Bridgeport, CT 06610

Application Info

The Department of Medicine is affiliated with Yale University and is currently training 42 residents and 12 fellows (Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics and Pulmonary).

In order to apply by ERAS to our program:

Your USMLE scores must be over 230 (first attempt) in each step and at least one of the following:

  • Internal Medicine residency training
  • Significant U.S. clinical experience
  • Significant research and publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Medical school graduate date or gap since significant clinical work must be under 5 years (we might consider larger gaps in a few cases, depending on your clinical background
  • Advanced degrees that contribute to competence in clinical/research arenas: MPH, PhD, MRCP
We also need to review:
  • At least 3 clinical Letters of Recommendation
  • We accept both U.S. and international medical graduates
  • We sponsor both J1 and H1-B visas
  • In order for us to sponsor the H1-B visa, USMLE Step III must be taken and cleared before you enter the Match. Applications for visas/status are sent out immediately after we receive our match results in early-March. If the Step III results are not available on that day, a J-1 visa will be the only option offered. There are no exceptions.

Beyond Residency

Post-Fellowship Careers
Geoffrey Tsaras, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Illinois (Rockford)
Sumit Tikoo, MD, Interventional Cardiology, Danbury Hospital
Lisa Tilluckdharry, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Bisi Williams, MD, MPH, Hematology & Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Athanasios Konstantinidis, MD, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, University of Ionnia (Greece)
Charuhas Thakar, MD, Nephrology, Cleveland Clinic and University of Cincinnati
Dominic Chow, MD, Medicine & Public Health, University of Hawaii
Anil Nagar, MD, Gastroenterology, Yale University
Nadeem Ahmed, MD, Hematology-Oncology, Brown University
Mehrdad Abedi, MD, Hematology-Oncology, Roger Williams Hospital and Boston University
Mieko Fukui, MD, Allergy-Immunology, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (pending)
Shenhong Wu, MD, PhD, Hematology-Oncology, Stonybrook University Hospital
Xialei Zhu, MD, PhD, Nephrology, Stonybrook University Hospital
Paraskevi Mentzelopolos, MD, Endocrinology, Harvard University/Joslin Clinic
Dan Blendea, MD, Cardiology/Electrophysiology, Massachusetts General
Anan Salloum, MD, Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Wayne State
Beatrice Lupsa, MD, Endocrinology, Yale

2016 Match Results

New York University, Pulmonary/Critical Care
National Institute of Health, Endocrinology
Bridgeport Hospital, Pulmonary
Mayo Rochester, Nephrology
Vanderbilt, Cardiology
University of Texas-Medical Branch, Pulmonary/Critical Care
Albert Einstein Montefiore, Cardiology
Brown University, Cardiology
Harvard, Endocrinology
Southern Illinois University, Pulmonary
Yale University, Infectious Disease

2015 Match Results

University of Minnesota, Nephrology
University of Connecticut, Hematology/Oncology
Norwalk Hospital, Pulmonary/Critical Care
Yale University, Endocrinology
New York Metropolitan, Endocrinology
MetroHealth-Case Western Cleveland, Cardiology
University of Toronto, Cardiology
Oakwood Health System (Dearborn)/WSU, Cardiology
University of Toronto, Cardiology
Montefiore, Cardiology
Cleveland Clinic, Endocrine
University of Toledo, Cardiology
Mayo Clinic, Cardiology

Didactic Lectures

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6 - 8 am
Team pre-round Team pre-round Team pre-round Team pre-round Team pre-round
8:15 - 8:45 am
Ambulatory clinic conference Ambulatory clinic conference Ambulatory clinic conference Ambulatory clinic conference

Ambulatory clinic conference

8 - 9 am
Morning Report Morning Report Team Rounds Morning Report Team Rounds
9 - noon
Work and Teaching Rounds Work and Teaching Rounds

10:30 am: Yale small group clinical rounds

Work and Teaching Rounds 11 am: Yale invited faculty morning report
Noon - 1 pm
Noon Conference Internal Med. Grand Rounds

Noon Conference/Board Review

1 - 5 pm
Work-up new admissions, Patient care, Notes, Reading
5 pm
Sign-out Rounds

This schedule holds true for the floor teams. The schedules are different for the Medical ICU service and coud be different on the Intermediate Care Step-down Unit (ICA).

Current Residents

Chief Residents
Priya Andanamala, MD
Sameer Dawoodi, MD
Freddy Duarte Lau, MD

Soniya Abraham, MD
Yaw Ansah, MD
Prajna D’Silva, MD
Ridwan Faruq, MD
Amiad Harow, MD
Sun-Joo Jang, MD
Benjamin Jeuk, MD
Meagan Klyn, MD
Kalarickad Maria Koshy, MD
Fabricio Malaguez Webber, MD
Kwabena Sefah Nketiah Sarpong, MD
Lucia Plichtova, MD 
Elif Irem Sarihan, MD
Jia Wei Tan, MD 
Elena Zidan, MD

Md Mashiul Alam, MD
David Bauer, MD
Ning Ding, MD
Karthik Mathialagan, MD
Aygul Minibaeva, MD
Karthik Muralidharan, MD
Anca Ostas, MD
Navdeepa Parmar, MD
Asad Ur Rehman, MD
Anna Rylova, MD
Ilia Ryzhkov, MD
Samdish Sethi, MD
Deepak Vangipuram, MD
Erycka Webb, MD
Aslihan Yerlikaya, MD

Abhinav Aggarwal, MD
Prince Ameyaw, MD
Armando Dominguez Diaz
Ximena Fernandez Lango, MD
Alejandro Garcia, MD
Paridhi Ghai, MD
Jessica Kaushal, MD
Aaron Lobo, MD
Jan Markiel, MD
Erica Marnet, MD
Nebyat Mazengia, MD
Manushaqe Nasufi, MD
Jan Paredes Mogica, MD
Akhila Arya Perumangote Vasudevan, MD
Nur Rahman, MD
Kimberly Remedios, MD
Andrew Zbyrko, MD

PGY-1 Preliminary
Juhi Deolankar, MD
Amber Loren King, MD
Victor Lee, MD
Mateo Montalvo Campana, MD


Internal Medicine and its related subspecialties have been a cornerstone of Bridgeport Hospital for decades. Three quarters of all hospital admissions and outpatient visits are for medical conditions treated by Internal Medicine physicians and Internal Medicine subspecialists.

The hospital has seven General Internal Medicine units including units dedicated to Internal Medicine subspecialties, including cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases, cancer care, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal diseases. The in-patient physical medicine/rehabilitation needs of the Yale New Haven Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital have been moved to Milford Hospital, 15 minutes away to create more medical/surgical bed space at Bridgeport. More than 200 members of the hospital’s medical staff are Internal Medicine specialists or subspecialists. New physicians in the hospital’s robust Internal Medicine residency and fellowship programs train with many of these highly-skilled, experienced attending physicians, which is a key benefit of their post-graduate medical education

Scholarly Activities

Local Awards

The Pasquale Perillie, MD Award for Outstanding Leadership and Scholarship
2016 Katherine Araque Triana, MD
2015 Darly Connolly, MD
2014 Miguel Alberto Alvarez, MD
2013 Glynne Edwards, MD
2013 Maria Plataki, MD

The Raymond Haddad, MD Award for Outstandign Professionalism
2016 Kavitha Gopalratnam, MD
2016 Jose Antonio Rodriquez Arciniega, MD
2015 Angeliki Maria Stamatoulil, MD
2014 Jona Marie Golbin Banzon, MD
2013 Nakeisha Rodgers, MD

The David Baker, MD Award for Outstanding Compassion in Patient Care
2016 Ruth Haynes, MD
2015 Angeliki Maria Stamatouli, MD
2014 Lia Patricia Suazo Hernandez, MD
2013 Nakeisha Rodgers, MD

The Vincent Adriole, MD Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching of Fellow Residents
2016 Julio Alvarenga Thiebaud, MD
2015 Jianbin Shen, MD
2015 Wei-Teng Yang, MD
2014 Daryl Connolly, MD
2013 Danlie Horowitz, MD

The Peter Bartelloni, MD Award
2016 Kristin Stawiarski, MD
2015 Edwin Jin Su Lee, MD
2015 Gabriel Alejandro Vilchez, MD
2014 Wei-Teng Yang, MD
2013 Tess Thomas Jacob, MD

* This award goes to the PGY-1 who demonstrates dedication and compassion to patients in the Primary Care Center and overall excellence in Ambulatory Medicine.


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