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Geriatric Mental Health Services

Geriatric Psychiatric Assessment

For many older adults, the first step to finding the right care is a geriatric assessment. Bridgeport Hospital's Geriatric Assessment Program experts perform tests that can reveal the reasons for many conditions. These include depression, memory loss, behavior problems, frequent falls, dizzy spells, side effects from medicines, unexplained symptoms and other difficulties.

A full geriatric assessment, which takes about 90 minutes, includes:

  • Gathering information to understand personal and family medical history
  • A full physical exam
  • Tests and screenings to evaluate physical, emotional and mental status
  • A review of all drugs and supplements being taken
  • A questionnaire for family members to help identify problems and solutions

Geriatric assessment paves the way for problem-solving. Once we understand what is causing the patient’s behavioral, emotional or physical difficulties, we can chart the best solutions. Our providers will speak with your primary care physician regularly to achieve the best results.

To learn more about Geriatric Assessment Services, call the Bridgeport Hospital Center for Geriatrics at 203-384-3388.

Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Services

When assessment shows that an older adult's mental health condition needs close, constant care and supervision, Bridgeport Hospital provides care in our Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Program. Services include:

Individualized Care and Therapeutic Groups

Individualized care involves a comprehensive treatment plan. Therapy groups specifically target changes in memory, self-care issues, and life-role transitions and loss.

Care for Caregivers

Education and support are a key part of the inpatient program. We provide family assessments and offer individualized family support services as needed.

To learn more about the Bridgeport Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Program, call 203-384-3292.

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Geriatric Assessment Services

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