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Robot-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Our surgeons are equipped with state-of-the art tools to perform minimally invasive joint replacement procedures tailored for each patient. Advanced medical imaging and robotic-arm technologies enable surgeons to use their expertise with more accuracy and precision.

Before surgery, advanced imaging is used to evaluate each patient’s unique anatomy and condition to determine the optimal size, placement and alignment of the implant. The surgeon uses information formatted for the robotic computer during surgery to guide the robotic arm to precisely position surgical instruments for incisions, to prepare the bone and to place the implant. This accuracy helps spare healthy bone and tissue while removing diseased and problematic bone and tissue.

With robotic-arm assisted surgery, there are smaller incisions, more precise implants and increased conservation of healthy tissue. For our patients, that means less time in the hospital after surgery, minimal scarring and a faster recovery.

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Our expert orthopedic surgeons use the most advanced Mako® system to perform partial or total knee and hip replacements.

Surgery with advanced Mako® SmartRobotics

At the Joint Replacement Center on the Milford Campus, surgeons use the advanced Mako® robotic-arm system for knee and hip replacements. Using information from a CT scan, the Mako system creates a 3D virtual model of the patient’s bone structure, severity of disease, joint alignment and surrounding bone and tissue. The system guides the surgeon within a highly precise pre-defined area for more accurate placement and alignment of the implant.

*Mako® is a trademark of Stryker Corporation.